A timeline of our history


1939 – 1945

Three Cadets served in the Second World War:

F.J.Davenport – A.B. – Royal Navy

O.S.C Alleyne – Sergt. – Royal Air Force

L.A. McCoy  – P.O – Royal Air Force

Memorial erected in their honour on quadrangle of DGS

May 1952

Cadet Corps Act passed

Nov. 1971

Establishment of the “Dominica Cadet Corps”

(DGS, SMA, Londonderry Youth Camp)


Girls were enrolled because DGS was then co-ed


Hurricane David – HQ at Elmshall destroyed & looted


Initial proposal to DGS (PTA) for the revival of the program


Cabinet approved of a budget for funding 150 cadets

March 2000

Renewed Govt. decision to continue the establishment of the program

June 2000

21 pc Drum Corps delivered to the D/ca Cadet Corps by
Mr. Gabriel Christian at an approximate cost of EC$12.000.00

August 2000

Prime Minister Rosie Douglas secured 100 sets of field uniforms from Cypriot businessman – Nasos Ktorides.

October 9, 2000

Uniforms worn for the first time at the funeral ceremony of the

Late Prime Minister Rosie Douglas

Jan 4, 2001

1952 Act Repealed Parliament enacted the Dominica Cadet Corps Act 2 of 2001

Feb. 2001

New eleven (11) member  D/ca Central Cadet Committee selected and

appointed –  with Rayburn Blackmoore as Chairman

Sept. 2001

A total of sixty (60) students from 5 secondary schools  recruited with the intention to form the nucleus for the presentation of the program during the 2001 Independence celebrations

Oct 24, 2001

President V.L Shaw appointed Francis Richards -Commandant of the Corps – rank Captain while David Andrew was appointed Adjutant of the Corps – rank Lieutenant


No less than 7 ministers of the 2001 legislature were ex-cadets in addition to His Excellency the President, the present and acting Secretary to the Cabinet, and the late Prime Minister the Hon. Rosie Douglas


With the approval of His Excellency the President and the Central Cadet Committee, the fifteen (15) secondary schools on the island would be eligible to enroll their students into cadet units under the overall umbrella of the Dominica Cadet Corps. Secondary school students having received the permission of their parents and the principal of their schools will be eligible to participate from 2nd form onwards.


The charter of the Dominica Cadet Corps includes:


First Aid

Water Safety

Fire Safety

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme



Basic Technical education

Civic education


Nov 3, 2001

Seventeen (17) female cadets and fifty-one (51) males for a total of sixty-eight (68) students were engaged in a rigorous 43-day training program in readiness for the Nov. 3rd parade.

  • After a hiatus of twenty-two (22) years, the DCC was represented by two contingents. – Platoons No. 6 & 7
  • Platoon No. 6 comprises of twenty-four (24) cadets under the command of Captain Francis Richards – Commandant of Cadets
  • Platoon No. 7 comprises thirty-two (32) cadets under the command of Adult Under Officer Lincoln Robinson
  • Additional cadets were engaged in other supporting roles
  • Five schools were represented, they included:
      • Dominica Grammar School, St. Mary’s Academy, Goodwill Secondary, D/ca Community High, Portsmouth Secondary

Jan 2002

Project Development proposal prepared

Mar 30, 2002

Hike to from Grandfond to Roseau via Fresh Water Lake

May 28, 2002

Introduction of the program to the Portsmouth Secondary School

July 18 – Aug 2, 2002

18th Cadet Commandant’s Conference (CCC) hosted by Trinidad – Capt. Richards attended.

July 17 – August 3rd

Annual Training Camp / Caribbean Cadet Camp 2002, Tucker Valley – Chaguaramas, Trinidad. (12 countries invited) 7 attended:

Dominica, Jamaica, St. Vincent, Montserrat, St. Lucia, Antigua, T/dad

Absent were – Anguilla, Barbados, Grenada, Cayman Islands, St. Kitts

AUO Lincoln Robinson was Dominica’s lone participant

Nov 3, 2002

Two platoons on parade.  Platoon No.1 under the command of Cpt. Richards, and Plt. No. 2 led by Sgt. Sherwin Mitchel

Feb. 6, 2003

Introduction of the program to the Castle Bruce Secondary Students

Feb. 18, 2003

Meeting with Grand Bay Students

April 21 – 25, 2003

One-week Officer Training course – Morne Bruce

Activation of the Grandbay unit

July 4, 2003

School closing ceremony Portsmouth Sec. School

July 25 – 27, 2003

Cadet Camp at Springfield / D/ca Youth Environment Organization Inc.

Aug 6, 2003

Donation of $5000.00 by RCCU

Aug 7, 2003

Meeting with Prime Minister at his request (in G/bay) to discuss the progress of the Corps – PM displayed his Sept. 1971 photograph and certificate of attendance at  camp – Jamaica

Sept 2, 2003

Official acknowledgement from the Chief Youth Dev.officer of the Min. of Education, Sports & Youth Affairs, of the allocation of $45,000.00 to the Dominica Cadet Corps in the Recurrent Estimates of the 2003-2004 budget

Request of $20,740.00 sent to the Min. of Education for the procurement of uniformwear and accoutrements

Police Officer Lynard Henderson purchased 22 pairs of boots from the US for cadets of the Grandbay Unit. Total cost $1320.00.  Monies were collected by parents and will be refunded.

Sept. 2003

Enrollment to date: Schools

  1. Dominica Grammar School    –           10 students
  2. St.Mary’s Academy                   –             5
  3. Goodwill Secondary                 –           12
  4. Grandbay Secondary                –          20
  5. Portsmouth Secondary            –          27
  6. Wesley High                               –            8
  7. Junior Secondary Program      –            3

         Total students                                         85

         Total Officers                                             8

         Total Compliment                                   93

Note: The 85 cadets on roll    =    46 male and 39 female

Oct. 9, 2003

Graduation ceremony for 19 members of the Grandbay Secondary School

(4 females + 5 males)

Oct. 15, 2003

First meeting of the recently appointed Dominica Cadet Corps Central Committee –  Chairman: – Police Superintendent Nicholas George


Draft regulations for cadet program prepared, subject to review

Dec 1 to Dec 5, 2003

Commandant visited The Republic of China on Taiwan from Dec 1 to Dec 5. 2003  at the request from PM Charles to Ambassador Daniel Liao.
– Commandant discussed our program with VADM Gong Chia-Cheng – Deputy Director of the Armaments Bureau – Min. of National Defense
– Commandant held discussions with the President of the China Youth Corps

Jan. 17, 2004

Dominica Cadet Corps provided meaningful logistical support to the Dominica Police Force and the Dominica Govt. Band during the funeral ceremony of the late Prime Minister – Pierre Charles (ex-cadet Sgt)

Jan 25, 2004

Inaugural celebration of Cadet Day postponed from Sunday Jan 18, 2004 to Sunday Jan 25, 2004. due to the funeral ceremonies of the late PM Pierre Charles on Jan 17, 2004.

  • Ten Dominica Cadet Corps Revival Medals awarded
  1. The late Hon. Roosevelt Douglas (Posthumously)
  2. The late Hon. Pierre Charles (Posthumously)
  3. Captain Francis Richards
  4. Lieutenant David Andrew
  5. Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit
  6. Hon. Roanld Green
  7. Mrs. Claudine Roberts
  8. Mr. Ackroyd Birmihgham
  9. Mr. Gabriel Christian
  10. Mr. Alick Lawrence

Feb 2004

Cadet Band participated on Carnival celebrations

Jul 2 – 12, 2004

Summer Camp ‘Mantipo’ Marigot Secondary School

Aug 6, 2004

18th Commandant’s Conference – Barbados

Nov 3, 2004

Presentation of Meritorious Service Award to Capt. Francis Richards for his contribution to the development the Cadet Program in Dominica

Jan 2005

Donation of a quantity of utility equipment by Gabriel Christian towards the creation of an Emergency Response Team

Jan 17 to 23, 2005

Celebration of Cadet Week 2005

  • Jan 21, 2005 – Cadet Dinner – Fort Young Hotel
  • Promotion of officers –  Jan 23, 2005
      • Capt. Francis Richards.            – Major
      • Lt. David Andrew D.                 – Captain
      • Fr. Franklyn Cuffy F.                 – Captain (Chaplain)
      • Gabriel Christian                      – Captain
      • 2 Lt. Lincoln Robinson.            – Lieutenant
      • 2 Lt. Dawson Robin D.             – Lieutenant (police officer)
      • 2 Lt. Joseph Raymond.            – Lieutenant (police officer)
      • AUO Lynard Henderson         – 2 Lieutenant (police officer)
      • AUO Lovette Charles.              – 2 Lieutenant
      • AUO Christipher Dangleben  – 2 Lieutenant
      • AUO Valda James                     – 2 Lieutenant
      • AUO Terry Raymond               – 2 Lieutenant
      • AUO Fenella Wehnam            – 2 Lieutenant

Jan 23, 2005 – Recipients of Cadet Revival Medal

  1. Mr. Matthais Lestrade Commissioner of Police
  2. Supt. Nicholas George Chairman Central Committee
  3. Mr. Felix Gregoire Secretary to the Cabinet

March 21 to June 10, 2005

Twelve (12) selected cadets assisted Supt. Nicholas George in the traffic management of the production of “Pirates of the Caribbean II)


Lt. Raymond

Nov. 2005

Cadets assisted with security duties at Creole-in-the park

Jan 18 – 20, 2006

Visit of Brigadier General Eddy Charles –US Army (former SMA and DGS cadet)

Jan 19, 2006

Celebration of Cadet Day

Lt. Lubin Maxwell (B/dos Defense Force) award of revival medal

D/ca Cadet Corps Civic Leadership Handbook – written by Capt. Gabriel Christian

Aug 21, 2005

Visit of Chinese delegation related to youth development

Jan 1, 2006

Cadet Central Committee appointed (Jan 1. 2006 – Dec 31, 2008)

Feb. 2006

A selected number of cadet assisted the Police Force during Carnival

April 2, 2006

Graduation ceremony – Cadets from the Marigot Secondary School

March 20, 2006

Graduation ceremony – Isaiah Thomas Secondary School

May 28, 2006

Cadets assisted with security duties at Digicel Concert

July 10 – 20, 2006

Summer Camp “Grange” – Porthmouth Secondary School

  • Gift of Solar Oven to Corps by Capt. Gabriel Christian
  • Donation of EC$1000.00 to Corps by Clayton Shillingford
  • Formation of Sea Cadet Unit

July 28 to Aug 7, 2006

Summer Camp – Pierre Charles Secondary School

Jul 25 to Aug 3, 2006

“Star 4 Pirates” Summer Camp – B/dos and D/ca at PSS

  • Visit of Lt. Col. Trevor Browne – Cmdt. B/dos Cadet Corps

July 2006

Strategic Development proposal prepared by Commandant

Oct. 10, 2006

Meeting with Principals of Secondary schools

Nov. 2006

20 cadets assisted in security duties at Creole-in-the-Park and at the World Music Festival.

Jan 14 – 20, 2007

Celebration of Cadet Week 2007

  • Jan 6 – 12, Participation in the management of Camp Rescue – Londonderry
  • Jan 19, Cadet Day Parade
      • Kerry Harris – Recipient of Cadet Revival Medal
  • Launch of ‘Friends of the Dominica Cadet Corps’

May 25 – 28

Pre-Potential Cadet Officers Course
Morne Bruce with assistance from the BCC through Major. Skeete
Instructors: Capt. Dennis Browne, WO2 Cherrol Deane, C, Sgt. Gregory Brome, travel funds donated by the UNDP – Barbados – (17 participants from the DCC)

July 23

Mr. Benedict Charles – Principal (Ag) of the PCSS appointed to serve as the Representative of the Dominica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools on the Dominica Cadet Corps Committee up to December 31, 2007


Summer Programme 2007

July 6th to 16th

Annual Summer Camp ‘Evolution’ – Pierre Charles Secondary School, 56 participants (Camp Commander – Capt. Dorsen Robin)
DOMLEC contributed $10,000.00 towards camp operations
Cadets participated with DOMLEC towards the construction of a home for a needy family of 8 in Tete Morne – Grandbay

July 15 – 19

Star 4 Cadets from the BCC along with 15 from the DCC attended camp at the PCSS – Grandbay

July 17

Cadet Band played at Melville Hall and at the State House for the arrival of Her Excellency Gu Xiulian and her delegation from the Peoples Republic of China.

July 22 – Aug 1

‘Camp Look out’ 73 participants including 3 parents attended overseas camp in St.Lucia (Camp Commander – Lt. Lynard Henderson)

July 22 – Aug 1

International Challenge Camp-Barbados (6 countries participated) including Barbados, Cayman Isl, Dominica, St.Kitts, St.Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago: 17 Cadets from the Dominica participated.
UNDP – Barbados through Maj. Skeete (BCC) contributed 4 airline tickets
The British High Commission – Barbados, contributed 13 airline tickets

Aug 3 – 18

Potential Officers Course (PCO – Barbados) (7 countries participated) including; Antigua, Barbados, Cayman Isl, Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago.

10 officers from Dominica attended.

January 20, 2008

5th Cadet Day Awards Ceremony at Fisheries Complex – Marigot.

January 2008

Cadet Corps received a second-hand vehicle (double cab – pickup truck) formerly owned by the Police Dept.

February 8-10, 2008

First Officers Retreat held at the Holy Redeemer Retreat house, Egleston

February 19, 2008

Project Proposal submitted to UNESCO through local representative Senator Gloria Shillingford

  • A similar project submitted to the Dominica Social Investment Fund (DSIF)

March 29 to April 12

Potential Officer’s Course held in Barbados

April 2008

Delivery of a pickup vehicle sponsored by the D/ca Police Force to the D/ca Cadet Corps

May 11, 2008

Graduation Ceremony for 19 cadets at the Pierre Charles Secondary School

July 10 – 20, 2008

Annual Summer Camp # 5 ‘Camp Lakoudray’ Bath Estate Campus of the DGS (Previous camps were held at Marigot, Castle Bruce Portsmouth and Grand Bay)

July 20- 25, 2008

D/ca hosted Barbados Cadets – Star 4 Expedition

July 2008

Approval received for UNESCO funded project

July 14 to 28

Archery program conducted by US Olympic Coach – Sheri Rhodes held at Saman Gardens

July 17 to 28

St. Vincent hosted ‘Caribbean Cadet Camp 2008 ’ under the theme The Caribbean Cadet Experience a Unifying Force.  (D/ca was unable to attend)

July 24 to 28

Capt. David Andrew (deputizing) for Maj Richards, attends 21st Commandant’s conference held in St. Vincent

July 22 to Aug 1

Band workshop facilitated by Rotarians from Florida – Jeremy and Lisa Williamson, through the intervention of Rotarian Past President – Maj Earle Johnson.

July 23, 2008

UNESCO approved project July 23 to December 31, 2009 for ‘Skills Development Programme in Dominica’ valued at US$22, 000.00. (EC$59,771.80)

Officiating Secretary General: Mrs. Gloria Shillingford

Funds to be allocated under the following headings:

  • Training Seminars or Courses
  • Material and Equipment
  • Conferences and Meetings

August 06

Visit to the band by Ontario Chief of Police – Vern White and Dr. Peter St. Jean

August 09

Police Officer Greamry Laville accepted to join the D/ca Cadet Corps as a potential training officer. (Commissioner of Police advised)

Oct 5, 2008

Former Commandant Major Earle Johnson (resident in Florida USA, designed, commissioned and posted to D/ca a sample of his proposal for a Cadet Band Marching Uniform to include uniform wear and accoutrement.

Dec. 2008

Drawing and cost estimates prepared and approved by the Housing and Planning Dept. for the construction of Cadet Headquarters on the 2nd floor of the Youth Division building on High Street estimated to be EC$108,000.00

Nov 3, 2008

Reunion Youth Band (24 members combined from Cadets, and Scouts)

Dec 1, 2008

Formal request for the secondment of Capt. Robin and Capt. Raymond denied by outgoing Police Chief – Mr. Lestrade

Jan 25, 2009

Cadet Day # 6 – Grandbay (Geneva Playing Field)

  • Official acceptance of musical instruments from donor – Luther Kozowan
  • Informal management team set up temporary offices at the temporary Cadet Band room at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium

April 1, 2009

Police Officer Cpl. Dorsen Robin seconded to the DCC as a full time officer to serve as Admin Officer – rank Captain. (supported by incoming Police Chief Hobbs Jno. Baptiste)

April 20, 2009

Secondary School teacher (P/mth Secondary School) Lincoln Robinson transferred to Cadet Headquarters to serve as Operations Officer – Rank Lieutenant

Approval from the Min. Of Education for Cadet Headquarters (temporary) to be located at the top floor of the School for the Hearing Impaired – Bath Estate.


Major replacement of roof covering required before occupation, consequently, the Ministry approved the relocation to offices to the former Junior Sec. School Project (JSP) at Bath Estate


April 30, 2009 – Official DCC Secretariat established at JSP –Bath Estate 1st since 1910 (99 years)

April 30

Received official notification of the appointment of persons to serve on the Dominica Cadet Corps Central Committee for the period January 1 2009 to December 31, 2011. (3yrs)

  1. Major Francis Richards (Commandant – Ex Officio)
  2. Capt. David Andrew (Adjutant – Ex Officio)
  3. Supt. Nicholas George – nominee – Police Commissioner
  4. Ms. Sherma Blaize – nominee – Attorney General
  5. Mr. Benedict Charles – nominee – Sec.Sch.Principals Asso
  6. Ms. Leandra Laidlow – nominee – Sec. Sch Principals Asso
  7. Mrs. Liris Benjamin – nominee – Medical Profession
  8. Mr. Malcolm Christian – nominee – Chief Fire Officer
  9. Mr. Thomas Holmes – nominee – Chief Education Officer
  10. Mr. Malcolm St.Rose – nominee – Drug Prevention Unit
  11. Mr. Colbert Pinard – nominee – Chief Youth Dev. Officer

May 7, 2009

Dominica Social Investment Fund (DSIF) Project Steering Committee nominated and approved to include:

Major Richards – Commandant

Hansel Valarie

Dr. Liris Benjamin

Colbert Pinard

Kerry- Ann Remie

Mervin Pendenque

June 6, 2009

Symbolic launch of Cadet Secretariat (temporarily housed at the former Junior Secondary School (JSP) complex at Bath Estate)

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